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Monday, August 28, 2006

This and That

Barb at A Chelsea Morning has a couple of neat things going on. She's asked the question "what is the meaning behind your blog's name?"

When I first decided to start blogging the hardest part was coming up with a name! I had been reading a few blogs here and there and there are some clever names out there! I thought and thought about what I could call my blog that would be easy to remember and also represent what it was about. I knew I would mostly blog about Kayla and finally settled on "Big Blueberry Eyes" because it really does describe her eyes! My mom and my grandmother actually started saying Kayla had these big blueberry eyes when she was just a few months old...so it stuck!

The other thing Barb has up is called a word cloud. This site puts the words used most frequently from your blog into this little box...kind of neat to see! Here is mine:

And last this morning is an update on preschool. I know Kayla really enjoys it there and has fun. All last week when it was time to go in she would resist and try to pull back, looking back at me. We don't bring the kids to their classroom, we wait outside the side doors and the teachers come out to get them. She hadn't cried yet, but she didn't like walking in without me.

Today she opened the flood gates and the tears just wouldn't stop. The teacher picked her up, but she continued sobbing and saying "mommy! mommy!" with both of her arms reaching out for me. Why did she have to do that to me this morning? I'm sure she stopped crying a few minutes after they got in their classroom, but it breaks my heart walking away from her while she's crying like that...I'm the mommy...I'm supposed to comfort and hold my baby when she's crying!


Nikkie said...

Okay, couple of thigns!

First: I like the name of your blog. It really was hard to pick something wasn't it? I Had a really hard time too

Second: I'm so sorry that your little one had a hard time going to preschool today. I don't think it was right how the teacher picked her up and wouldn't let you comfort her, thats your job! I really hope it gets easier for her!

Susie said...

I love your title too. I always wanted blue eyes like my sister and brother. Mine are brown like my daddy. About your daughter, I am sorry it was so terrible this morning. When my son started kinder 5 years ago he cried every morning for two weeks. I actually had a teacher pull him out of my arms each day as I went home crying. He eventually got over it and so did I. I'm actually thankful she did it now because he saw that she was the teacher and in charge when I wasn't there. Sorry for my long 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Those word clouds are really neat. I love the name of your blog it fits Kayla perfectly :)

I am so sorry you had a difficult separation this morning. I remember those days with the older ones. I think that it is always the worst when a child realizes that a new routine is not just an outing or event.

If you go some where one time it's new and different, but after a few times that initial fascination can wear off a bit. Then suddenly you find that it is a part of the routine. She probably truly enjoys preschool-but it is new and different-and not the routine she has been used to up to now.

Hopefully this adjustment period will pass soon. Of course that doesn't make it any easier on mom.

I join susie in the long two cents-with an even longer two cent...sorry.

Sandra said...

First I love the name of your blog, it really does go perfect with Kayla's beautiful blue eyes :)

Second, I feel your pain and I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. I had a similar incident just last year when Jasmine was in first grade. Hubby had just left for a deployment, and now the confident independent Jasmine started bawling when I dropped her off at school, she wouldn't let me go. I found myself walking home in tears, it really did break my heart.

I hope tomorrow goes better for Kayla and you :)
Huge hugs,

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm sorry Kayla had a tough time going in to preschool today. I'm sure it just breaks your heart. It would mine. I'll be a crying basket case when it's Snuggle Bugs turn!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Hang in there.

Big Mama said...

Cute blog name! And about preschool this morning? When my daughter started last year she didn't cry until the 2nd week, but her teacher assured me it was just for my benefit and as soon as I was out of sight she was fine. I called the front office and had someone go check and sure enough, she was happy as a clam. Hope she does great!

Much More Than A Mom said...

I went through a few names before settling on Much More Than A Mom. It's really tough!

Poor you! (Because I'm sure Kayla's fine...) I am SO not looking forward to the say I have to leave Rylan at the babysitter next April when I go back to work. ;-(

Barb said...

It breaks your heart when they cry because you're leaving. I remember I just wanted to grab them and go back home. Skip work and school.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that your mom said Kayla had big blueberry eyes. And of course she does! So it's the perfect name for your blog.

I liked my word cloud so much I put it in my sidebar so I see it everytime I look at my blog. Actually Brenda at Rocking Chairs and Rainbows did it and I copied her!)


K.T. says peace said...

I love the name of your blog-i always think everyone else's is so inspired!And can I say I love the word cloud-that was awesome!!!!!!! I am thinking about permanently posting one on my blog!My children all got upset when going to preschool-I cried too when they could not see me,but they get to the point where they will stop doing it-promise :):)

Michelle said...

Nikkie, Susie & Big Mama - thanks for visiting and sympathizing w/me about the crying this morning! And Yes Big Mama - when I picked her up just 3 hrs later they told me she had a great day and stopped crying once they got in the classroom. I know she doesn't cry long at all when she does cry, but it would make it so much easier if she didn't cry at all :)

Rebecca - you know I don't mind hearing your 2cents -whether it's long or not - goodness knows I've left a long comment a time or two! I think you're absolutely right about now Kayla is realizing this is going to be an (almost) every day thing, whereas in the beginning it was something new and different...this has now become the routine and she knows in the morning when we get to school I'll be leaving her! I just hope she won't cry every morning; it breaks my heart!

Sandra - Oh I can just imagine during a deployment how much harder that must be on kiddos when they go to school...they already feel like one parent has deserted them!

OW - It does just break your heart when you are walking away and they are crying after you. In your mind you know they are perfectly fine, but it's your heart that hurts!

Barb - yes I did want to just grab her up and hug her and let her know "mommy's here!" but I also knew it would make it more difficult having to hand her over again!

Nicole - I really like the name you chose because I think it describes us mothers perfectly - because we ARE much more than a mom :)

KT - I'll have to check out your word cloud when you get it posted- it is really neat to see! I just try and tell myself, I know she is fine, and this too shall pass!

zingtrial said...

Hi liked reading through again :) I too liked the name of your blog
Thanks for sharing
Wish you well

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Awww.how was Kayla when you picked her up? Bet she had a great day.

I agree it was hard to pick the name of my blog too.


Catch said...

I love your blog name...thats what drew me to your blog. And I am so sorry Kayla had a rough day and so did Mommy. I dont think the teacher meant to offend you, but as Mommies we cry right along with the kids...and sometimes that doesnt help much...lol. Im sure she was trying to do what she thought was best for Kayla. Its hard being a Mommy sometimes! huggs!

Michelle said...

Zingtrial - thanks for visiting!

Dori - she was fine when I picked her up and the teacher said she stopped crying when they got in the classroom :)

Catch - I didn't mean for it to sound like I was offended by the teacher picking her up! I just mean even by the teacher picking her up it still didn't calm her down...does that make more sense? I just didn't like walking away when she was crying because I felt like as her mom we want to comfort out babies...the teacher is great really!

Pamela said...

Michelle, I kind of guessed the reason behind the name, afterall, just look at how beautiful Kayla's eyes are and it fits! :)

I kind of got all choked up too about Kayla reaching for you and crying, and they learn really quick how to pull at our heart strings but I can remember my little girl doing this and by you being strong it will give her strength. Hope all goes well and she does better with time. :)

chelle said...

The name is perfect!

I remember the first time I had to leave Becca (with her DAD!) she cried so hard ... I cried all the way to my job interview (long story).

Being that Kayle is used to a different routine it may just be a shock to have to say good bye ... hope tomorrow (or the next time) goes better!

Deb said...

Great post! I like the how you came up with your name. The word cloud is so neat.

I was choked up reading about Kayla crying for you. It's like a knife through me when my youngest does that. I hope tomorrow is better!

PEA said...

When I first found your blog and saw pictures of Kayla, I understood immediately why you had chosen Big Blueberry Eyes as your blog name:-) I also did the cloud thingie and will post it one day!! I can remember well when my boys were little and would start crying when I'd have to leave them...I would cry all the way home, feeling like I had abandonned them!!! Never missed, though, I'd find out later they'd stopped crying 2 minutes later! lol Hang in there, dear friend, I know it's hard but she'll be just fine:-) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, THAT made me want to cry...
Bless her little heart. I am so glad you let us know that she did ok !!!!!!!!!!! You know you are a GREAT MOM when your heartstrings are tugged on!!! Love Mom

Tammy and Parker said...


I think my heart started to hurt when I read your last sentence. This is kinda one of those experiences that we all have to go through to toughen us up for the next experience.......like letting your 19 year old move out and live with roommates while going to college...ahhhhh!

Sending you big 'you are SUCH a great Mommy' hugs!

Jennifer said...

Great title--it sounds very artistic.

Overwhelmed! said...

Hey, Michelle, thanks for your comment on my Active Family post!

The mosquitoes have been horrible here too! Bug spray doesn't work wwell enough, so in the evenings we've been keeping Snuggle Bug inside.

Snuggle Bug likes his "hat" as well. :)

Brenda said...

Very original title, and fitting!

I hope your little one has a better day at preschool tomorrow. Breaks your heart, I know.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Love your blog name. Kayla's eyes really are stunning. Hopefully she won't tear your heart out everyday! ;-)

Really like your cloud. I did one and really liked it but I might wait until I have more posts and try it again. So I bookmarked the site.

Melany aka Supermom said...

Oh it is SO hard when they cry and you can't comfort them. HUGS to both of you.

mum2brady said...

Oh no Michelle - that is just heartbreaking. I'm sure she had a great day though. Brady was fine in the beginning, then went through a tough spot, then was fine again :) Hoping it's the same for Kayla. She is just beautiful with her big blueberry eyes :)

I love the little word box - that is so cool!!