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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A book meme

I've actually been tagged three times for this one already - by Sandra, Christine, and Miranda so I guess I better get to it!

One book that changed my life: Besides the obvious answer of the Bible, which has the potential to change anyone's life...a book that really touched me (and maybe not neccessarily changed my life) is called Stones From the River by Ursula Hegi. It takes place in Germany during the war. The main character and her father hide Jews in their basement, but it is about much more than this. It's about the main character being different and growing up from a child to adulthood (she is a dwarf, or Little Person), and about differences with others around her - her mom's mental illness, her friend whose parents dress him like a girl because they wanted a girl. It's just a really powerful read and I read it before I was even pregnant with Kayla and not knowing that I would one day have a child who is considered to be different. I think I was supposed to read this book.

One book that I've read more than once: Do children's books count?

One book that made me laugh: There was a section in Expecting Adam that made me laugh. I know I'm not going to be able to retell this part for the full affect but here is the gist of it: Adam had been going through all these testing sessions for school. They would go on until the questions became to much for him. Then the testor would stop, let him have a soda and he could go out on the playground. One morning on the way to another testing session they passed a school bus and Adam said it was his sister's (forgot her name) bus. One of the first parts of the testing that morning involved showing Adam a card with 4 pictures and he was to point out which one was asked for. The first question was which one was the school bus? His mom was excited because she knew he knew this one. Adam pointed to the apple. She was flabergasted because she knew Adam knew what a bus was and she asked him what he was doing? He just got this look on his face like he didn't know what was going on. This went on through the first few questions with him not supplying the correct answers to things he knew. Then his mom caught on. She realized that Adam knew the sooner it appeared he wasn't getting the questions, the sooner he would get his Sprite and go out to the playground! So he was pretending to not know the answers so he could end the session sooner. Little stinker! Sounds like something Kayla would do! Just the way the author was telling this story really had me laughing.

One book that made me cry: There have been several books I'v read that I know I cried during parts of, but I can't remember...and one was within the last few months but the title is alluding me.

One book I wish had been written: How to survive growing up as a military brat. I guess I survived ok without the book though!

One book I wish had never been written: Not sure

One book I am currently reading: None right now

One book I’ve been meaning to read: The Memory Keeper's Daughter and The Purpose Driven Life

I'll try to tag a few people who I don't think have done this one yet, but I know most everyone has!

Tara Marie


Deb said...

I really liked your answer for the first question; another book that helped me through a tough time as a teen was TIGER EYES by Judy Blume.

Enjoyed reading both your memes!

Michelle said...

I loved reading Judy Blume! I was just posting on someone else's blog that I had to get her book Summer Sisters when I saw she wrote a book for adults!

mum2brady said...

Great answers Michelle - for both :)

Hee hee on Adam - I loved that story too. I think that sometimes Brady specifically doesn't answer questions that he knows because he doesn't like to be tested. I've seen it in action, he just doesn't like to be put on the spot. He isn't a performer, and as a result, he never looks very great on paper, but in reality is a very smart little boy :)

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, Deb, I loved Tiger Eyes as well...actually I loved all Judy Bloom books!

Nice meme responses, Michelle!

Oh, and thanks for your comment on my My first attempts at a home movie post! I'm glad you finally got the movie to play for you. :)

chelle said...

Judy Blume wrote a book for adults?!?! So going to look that up!!! I loved the book by her when I was a teen ... Ooo the one "I must I must I must increase my bust" ... I had always hoped there would be an opposite cure!!!

Thanks for the tag, I will add it to my book review later this week!

jotcr2 said...

I'll have to keep an eye on Sheena for knowingling not answering questions. The books both sound great - I'll have to get

Nisa said...

Oh! Which book WAS that where it said: Imust I must I must increase my bust? I remember that one. I wish there had been an opposite effect one too! I sure could use it. Good Answers, Meesh. You really brought back some memories.

Faith said...

I read Stones from the River. great book!

Michelle said...

Christine - I think Kayla does the same thing...there are times she is just NOT INTERESTED in answering your questions, or doing something, and you KNOW she knows the answer or whatever! I wonder how that's going to go over in school! LOL

OW - I'm wondering if there is anyone who didn't read Judy Blume when they were growing up?! They were my favorite to read along with Beverly Cleary and Nancy Drew!

Chelle & Nisa - had to laugh at wishing there was an opposite cure! The book was "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" She actually wrote 3 adult books...besides Summer Sisters there is Wifey and Smart Women.

Jo - I bet in a few years you'll be posting stories of Sheena doing something like that!

Faith - I'm glad to know someone else out there read (and liked!) Stones From the River!