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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Kayla is at that stage where she is really trying to repeat so many words after we say them. Which is great because her vocabulary is really taking off. She's learning and saying so many new words day-by-day.

But it does pose somewhat of a problem when having a conversation with her.

Before she was repeating we could ask her certain questions such as,

"What does a cow say?"

Kayla: "Moooooo!"

"What does a sheep say?"

Kayla: "Baa!"

And this would go on through all of the animal noises that she can make.

Also anytime she wanted something (usually a snack meaning crackers!) we would ask her, "What do you say?" and she would sign please.

Now with the repeating this is our conversation, "What does a cow say?"

Kayla: "Say"

Different tactic..."what noise does a cow make?"

Kayla: "Make"

"What does a cow do?"

Kayla: "Do"

"A cow says what?"...you see where this is going.

And when she wants something and we ask her, "What do you say?" She will sign the word please while simultaneously saying "say" (even though she can say peeeese).

But it does work out when I can ask her things like, "Who do you want to read to you? Mommy or Daddy?" "Who do you want to give you a bath, Mommy or Daddy?" The key, of course, is to say Daddy's name last!


Anonymous said...

Michelle you are so funny!!!!!!!! did not take you long to figure that one out!! Saying daddy at the end. I got the biggest chuckle out of that one!!! That is daddy's little girl.. Love Mom

Jess said...

Sneaky mama!! That reminds me of an uncle I had. After you would list his choices, he would simply reply "Yes. That one. The last one."
Hang in there! That's ssssoooo awesome how her vocab is taking off. WWWHHHEEEEE!!! (I'm doing a kartwheel for you!)

Anonymous said...

When our son Brian was about two years old, we had a cassette recorder that we wanted him to talk into so that we could send to the grandparents. We asked him to say something and he said, "something". Reading what you had to say about Kayla and her repeating brought back memories of my sons. Love, G-Aunt Debbie

chelle said...

heheh you are as sneaky as a fox!!! love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are pretty sneaky Michelle :)

trisomymommy said...

It's a brilliant strategy! Have you tried, "Do you want candy or spinach?"

Beck said...

Ingenious! And she is such a cutie. It's neat the way kids suddenly seem to come into all their words at once, isn't it?

Michelle said...

Yeah but it works the other way too! Joe can turn around and ask the same question but put "mommy" last LOL

"candy or spinach"!! Ha ha ha I liked that one :)

Yes it is Beck! It's like a speech explosion!

Sandra said...

That was so funny....my 3 year old does the same at times even though he knows how to talk so well.

He drives me nuts though because he does something different....I say "Nicholas put your shoes on" and he replies "NO, I want to put my shoes on" Ummmm okkkaaaayy LOL

BTW just added you to my military families blogroll :)

mum2brady said...

Hee hee - we do that too :) Of course it's usually Daddy putting mommy's name at the end ;) Especially when it's diaper changing time LOL

Kayla is tooo cute!!!

Naomi said...

Haha, great thinking on putting daddy's name last.

Callum does a similar thing where he'll sometimes repeat the last word you say.

Overwhelmed! said...

You are quite clever, saying Daddy last! :)

Snuggle Bug is at the stage where he's starting to give us animal sounds when we ask.

When you wrote, "What do you say?" I had to smile. One of Snuggle Bug's favorite books is 'Moo, Baa, La La La' by Sandra Boyton. On the very last page it reads, "It's quiet now. What do you say?" Snuggle Bug always grins at this sentence for some reason and then he responds, "La La La!"

I just love when little ones start to talk! :)

Nicole said...

That is a hoot! :)