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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Today's treasure is light-hearted and probably something silly to most people! It also has 2 parts to it.

Those who know me know I am passionate about the Boston Red Sox. Kayla is being raised a Sox fan too...I'm teaching her to say "Big Papi" when he's up to bat and she does! Although when she says Papi it sounds more like "puppy!"

Living in New Mexico doesn't make it easy to get to any games! The closest team they play is the Texas Rangers...about an 8 hr drive.

Before Kayla was born we made the trip to Arlington, TX for 2 years in a row to see them play. They played the first week in Aug so these were birthday presents to myself. One of the games was actually on my birthday too. And we couldn't drive all that way to just see one game, so we bought tickets for back-to-back nights. Good tickets too - not the cheap, nose-bleed sections! We were on the third base-side and not too far back. Third-base side because the visiting team (Red Sox of course) are in that dugout.

One of my favorite players on the team was Nomar Garciappara (no longer with the team). We arrived early to each of the games so I could try and get autographs. Joe had bought me a "Nomar" jersey when he was stationed in Korea and I brought this to the game hoping to get it signed.

As you can guess, yes I got it signed and I was like a big kid out there! So excited to get my jersey signed by one of my favorite players! It was better than just having him sign a baseball with his name, because with the jersey he asked my name and wrote, "To Michelle, Best of luck" and then signed his name. We also got Johnny Damon's autograph on a baseball and Ricky Henderson's autograph on Joe's glove. So those were highlights of the trip for me!

As I mentioned, he doesn't play with the team anymore, he's now with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Which brings me to part 2.

When I worked at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, I had the chance to become a co-escort for someone during the "National Character and Leadership Symposium." That someone was none other than Tommy LaSorda. For those non-baseball fans you might remember him better from when he was a spokesman for SlimFast!

We picked him up and dropped him off at the airport, chauferred him around the Academy, sat at the "head table" with him before he gave his keynote speech, and waited for him afterwards to sign autographs for every single cadet who was in line. Of course I got myself a couple pictures/autographs with him.

So being the sports fan I am - those are my treasures!


Beck said...

hey, that's fun. Being lighthearted is great - not everything in our lives should be a bittersweet or wistful memory! I really enjoyed your post!

Overwhelmed! said...

That's really cute that Kayla is becoming a Red Sox fan at such a young age. :)

What part of NM do you live in? We lived in Albuquerque for 2 years but we left there a bit over a year and a half ago.

I've posted a TT as well. Stop by and take a peak. :)

Michelle said...

Beck - glad you enjoyed the post! Wasn't sure how it would read as a "treasure" but I decided to just go for it!

OW - We live in southern NM really close to the border by El Paso, Tx. We are about 3-3.5 hrs from Alb.

Jess said...

COOL! I am not into baseball but can appreciate the magnitude of those moments for you. Great treasure! As for sports, I fight The Hub over who Sophia should cheer; I say the Cowboys or Raiders but he is a diehard Eagles fan. Its a divied home when its football season. :)

Away2me said...

I'm digging your baseball stuff. I'm a HUGE Angel Baseball fan. Out little one has quite a few Angel Baseball jerseys to wear between now and when he is a year or so old. Now if we could only find the time to make it to a game! We went to about 20 games year before last and only about 5 or 6 games last year. This year... not a one! Having a newborn will really put a damper on the baseball outings. I hope we can take him to a game soon, maybe the next home game series, it won't be this series... too much going on!

Michelle said...

Jess - I can imagine how tense it is around your house when the Eagles and Cowboys play - especially since they play 2x a year! Maybe I shouldn't tell you that one of the football teams I root for is the NY Giants!! :)

Away - thanks for stopping by my blog! It's been almost 4 yrs since we have been to a game. They've already played in TX so we'll have to wait till next year to plan a trip...hope you get to go before then though!

Nisa said...

I like this treasure. I remember when you got the autographs... I was so excited for you. When I saw your pics of Tommy Lasorda the first time I think I said something like: isn't he famous or something? Hahaha!!

Karla said...

Wow. Tommy LaSorda! That's pretty impressive! My husband has an autographed picture of Joe DiMagio from sometime "way back" & a baseball signed by "W" when he owned the Texas Rangers (some people might not like that, but we do =) ).
Your 2 treasures aren't silly things at all. They're really cool! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks also for stopping by my blog and checking out my pocket watch. Come back & visit me sometime. =)

Kari said...

I know nothing about sports but it sure sounds like your passionate about it. Which is awsome we all need passions. LOL @ your little Sox fan in training that is too cute!

chelle said...

hehe You never cease to amaze me!
I think it is great that Kayla is a Red Sox Fan. I myself do not watch sports but Becca will be an Apple fan...would that count?!?!

Great Treasure!