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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sight Reading

Months ago my dad asked if there was anything he could buy for Kayla. I suggested a set of DVDs I had seen on this website: Infant Learning

The series is called, "Your Baby Can Read." I was impressed with the video clips on the site showing his 9 month old daughter sight reading flash cards that were shown to her. For instance he would hold up the word "face" and she would touch her face, or her belly, or laugh, or point. There are video clips of other toddlers sight reading after watching the series too.

I wanted to get these for Kayla not to make her some "wunderkind" kid who could 'read' at 2 years old, but to provide another means of "speech therapy" if you will. I had hoped it would help with speech and enunciation.

With Kalya being an only child and staying home with me all day sometimes I feel that I just don't provide enough stimulation. Yes we have playdates, and she attended MOPS and Kindermusik, and her ECI class once a week, but I always feel like I could/should be doing "more, more, more".

Anyway, Kayla took an instant liking to these videos and her speech has improved..she has picked up new words over the last few months. Whether this was from watching the videos, or just because she was "ready" to start saying more words I don't know.

Then on a whim Joe & I thought we would see how this "sight reading" stuff really works. We started writing the word "hi" whenever we colored with her or she had her magna doodle out. Then we started with the word "clap" and "baby". She actually did seem to be recognizing the differences in the length of words and the letter shapes (I think that's how sight reading works, but I'm not really sure). We haven't been as consistent with it as we could be because I think she forgot the words "clap" and "baby" now that we started adding mommy and Kayla!

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Nisa said...

Wow, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Go Kayla-you are quite the big girl!!!! Miss E is impressed :) what a wonderful role model you will be for her in these next few years.

Michelle said...

Oh believe me - Miss E can teach Kayla a thing or two herself! Kayla isn't opening jars of peanut butter LOL

chelle said...

WOW! That is awesome!!

I wonder if I am providing enough stimulation too at times. Then I think about when we go grocery shopping and we do it together. When we clean the house and she "helps". And all the "field trips" we go on and play dates.

We are doing fine and so are you!!!

I totally want that video after Becca turns two!!

Michelle said...

Oh Chelle you're so right about all the other stimulation too. When we go to the grocery store I try to name most of the items we're putting in the cart. She is a total helper around the house too! When I'm sweeping she gets the swifter, when I vacuum she gets the dustbuster to do the furniture, she has to have a towel to help dust, she helps pull the laundry out of the dryer...I guess there really are all those "little" things too!

I think there is a fine line between providing enough stimulation and just letting them "be" kids! LOL

Kari said...

Wow that is incredible. WTG Kayla! That's impressive considering her age. I too always think there is more I can be doing. I will definatley look into getting these dvd's.

grandma said...

She's brillant just brillant :-)

A little bit of family history here: My grandfather taught me to read when I was 3 and I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.

Annette said...

very neat

mum2brady said...

Whoo hoooo - you go Kayla!!! You are such a smart girl :) Looks and brains - you've got it all! Brady sends hugs and kisses ;) He wants to know if you want to play sometime!!!

Anonymous said...

WTG Kayla! Such a smart girl! I tried going to that site but it isn't connecting for me. I'd love to get those videos for Brant.

LauraJ said...

That's wonderbul!! (As Aaron would say!) Aaron's doing the same thing, "reading" words that I write down on his magnadoodle. These kids never fail to amaze me!! Woo hoo Kayla, keep on spelling and reading sweetheart!