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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Play Date

We spent a couple hours at the indoor playroom on base with 2 of Kayla's friends. They had a blast as always! We're lucky to have this great place for kids to play. It was a warm day out yesterday, but the wind was too much to enjoy being outside for long so the kids get to spend their energy running around here.

Kayla and Izzy


If you're happy and you know it shout Hooray!

Kayla & Harrison


chelle said...

awww they totally look like they are having a blast! That is an awesome place to play!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful frienships!!! Enjoying Life as kids/children usually do without a care in the world, but to have FUN!!! love mom

LauraJ said...

I want to be 3! It looked like so much fun!

Overwhelmed! said...

What adorable pictures.

Play dates are the best! I try to take a lot of pictures of Snuggle Bug and his baby friends, in the hopes that some of these friendships will last into later years and I can show them their "baby friends" pictures.

Snuggle Bug is finally starting to play WITH kids, rather than playing beside kids (I think it's called Parallel Play). It's fun to watch. :)

Tara Marie said...

What a wonderful place to play....you are very lucky to have access to such a fun place! And the playdate looks like it was a smashing success!!!

Tammy and Parker said...

Parker and I came by to say thank you to you and your little beauty. You two are too wonderful. Thank you.

It looked like a good time there at the Playland!

Many hugs,

mum2brady said...

What a great playroom - I'm jealous!!!! Kayla and her buddies look like they are having the best time! I love it!!!

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