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Monday, May 01, 2006


It seemed like for months and months we tried to help Kayla learn how to climb up on our bed. At first she just wasn't tall enough to reach; then when she could reach it seemed like she just wasn't sure how to coordinate her arms to pull herself up while using her legs to push off on the bed rail...sometimes she would do one or the other, but not both together. Even if we gave her our hands to hold on to and pull herself up she expected US to do the pulling!

About 2 months ago or so she finally figured out how to do this. I was in my bathroom getting ready for the day and knew she was in the bedroom. She got really quiet for awhile...and you know a quiet child usually means trouble! So I opened the bathroom door to see what she was getting into. Imagine my absolute surprise when I saw her sitting on the bed, holding my book ('reading' it I should say!) as if it were the most natural thing in the world! I think my chin must have hit the floor because I had NO IDEA how she managed to get herself up there. The pillows were all on the floor and the bed looked unmade, but it didn't give me any answers.

I immediately called Joe at work, "Guess where I found your daughter?!"
Joe, "uh oh, where?"
Me, "Sitting on the bed and I didn't help her get up there!"
J, "Yay! That's great!"
M, "No it's not!"
J, "Yes it is ... we've been trying to get her to do this by herself"
M, "I know! But it's still not great! Now she'll be up there all the time, tearing the bed apart after I've made it, taking the photo frames down, basically making more of a mess than she does elsewhere!"
Joe could just laugh at me...

A couple days later we were repeating the process, but this time I peeked out of the bathroom door to catch her in action to see how she was getting up there. After she gets up there she usually says, "yay!"

She methodically pulled the pillows off the bed. She pulled the covers back until she felt she could get a good grip on them and then hoisted herself up. It was funny to watch her determination in getting up there.

Well I finally remembered to catch a little video of her in the process of getting on the bed...it's a 2 parter.

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And part 2 of the process (she figured out she doesn't need to pull the blankets back all the way anymore!) You get to listen to her fake, pitiful, little "cry" in this one! It's funny how she just couldn't get her leg under the cover either...and you just gotta love the face she makes at the end!

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Anonymous said...

all I could do was just laugh!!! thru the whole 2 part episode!!! especially the 2 part... Kayla is such a character.. :) Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

awe how sad...lol. ^_^
man, that's the easy way to get into bed i never knew...i'll try that tonight. ^_~
love ya!
kel ^_^

Nisa said...

I was cracking up watching part 2. That little fake cry was tearing me up!! Kayla is like a little MacGuyver- putting pillows on the floor to help her up. So cute!!!

chelle said...

Every time I come to your blog I smile!

She has wonderful technique!! My toddler still cannot get on our bed and she has never thought to take advantage of the pillows!!

ps her hair is so beautiful!

Deryck said...

That's so funny! Good display of initiative as well!

Percy managed to work out climbing before walking! And yes - now everything in reach gets moved, played with and generally made sticky! I feel your pain there :-)

Nicole said...

She is a hoot! And so beautiful in action. Love it!

Miranda said...

She is too cute! I love the look of determination on her face! I need to figure out how to add videos to my blog, i have so many funny ones of Shaylee!
Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Miss E loves the second video, she was laughing so hard at Kayla after she got onto the bed. She is so cute putting the pillows on the floor, and so proud of herself getting into the bed. What a big girl she is, your bed looks a bit higher than mine.

Watch out, if she has mastered this she will now be climbing up and on to everything really soon.

Yesterday Miss E managed to climb the recliner over to the breakfast nook counter between the kitchen and the living room, and was quite pleased to then knock some pictures down and get into the kitchen sink.

This was in just a few minutes while her older sisters were distracted by the tv.

Overwhelmed! said...

What cute videos! She a smart little girl to have figured out how to climb up on such a tall bed!

mum2brady said...

Hey the pulling on the blankets is a new twist ;) I love the "sad" cry hee hee I get that at my place alllll the time. Kayla is tooo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a CUTIE!!!


Kari said...

That is hilarious Go Kayla!

Belovedlife said...

how cute! She is such a doll! I love the fake crying! Peanut, my special little one, has started to do the fake cry too. It is too funny.

Naomi said...

very cute, love the fake pitiful cry ;-)