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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Kayla's learned a new word and has a one-track mind about it too!

Yesterday we had to go to the BX and when leaving I told her we would go to the park for a little while. She could slide and swing (that gets her attention!) She started saying "park! park!" I had to make a run to the post office first and kept hearing "park!"

Finally we were off to the park for a nice time.

After her nap I heard "park!" "socks, shoes" (she knows she needs to get her socks and shoes to go outside).

This morning when I was opening the blinds, "park!"

We went for a walk and passed a house where there was a little kid's slide in the yard. "slide!" followed shortly by "park!"



Nisa said...

I love it when kids learn a new word and use it over and over... How cute!!

chelle said...

hehe! My toddler is all about the park and repeats it all the time!!

(I discovered your blog at Pajama Mamas!)

Christi said...

Cool! Veronica just stands at the door with her doll stroller demanding to go outside.

Deryck said...


Percy will say a word then refuse point blank to repeat it (and she knows this drives us balmy!!) I'd be so happy for a day of something like this - even if the word was just Chocolate or something!!

Anonymous said...

Kayla has such a Memory!!!! Smart as a whip!!! That is "my little Kayla" Love Grandma