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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Morning Routine

I miss my mornings.

I'm not a morning person. I can't just wake up and go...I eat breakfast and have some quite time to myself...or at least I used to.

Pre toddler bed this was our routine: Kayla would wake up around 730 on average. Sometimes earlier, sometimes even later like 8. The Tuesday before we transitioned the crib I even had to wake her up at 8:40 because we had to get to her ECI class at 9! So, usually 730.

I would get up, have breakfast, check the weather, my email etc. Just take that time in the morning to really wake up and be by myself. Sometimes Kayla would wake up and just play in her crib before I would come get her. I enjoy(ed) having the mornings to myself.

Post transition to toddler bed morning routine: Every single morning since we've changed the crib over she has been waking up at 630 - a full hour earlier. I know for some this isn't really "early" because they need to get up for various reasons, but for me it's early! Too early. An hour earlier. It's been a week now and every morning on the dot at 630 she's up (ok one time it was 640.) I bring her in bed with me but in 7 mornings I've only been able to get her back to sleep twice.

We bought a gate for her room thinking she would just play in her room, but a few mornings ago she threw a couple balls over the gate into the hallway and was yelling "ball! ball! ball!" over and over and getting upset because she couldn't get them.

I'm trying to figure out why she is getting up at this time now. I thought she must have always been waking up at this time, but with the crib railing up maybe she would just fall back to sleep because she couldn't go anywhere. I don't know though. If that was the case and she was waking up consistenly then she would just be up and playing in her crib. I never heard her at 630 before.

So this is our life after transitions. I'm starting to miss that crib railing being up.

I miss my morning routine.


Anonymous said...

Well, Miss E sleeps in much later, however-I do so enjoy my morning mom time. The first 30-60 minutes of time for me.

Maybe you could adjust your day where she goes to bed a bit earlier since she is waking up an hour early-then you could find this time in the evening???

Michelle said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who had "morning me" time and thoroughly enjoyed it! :) I guess I do still the afternoons when she naps to be thankful for!

I'm afraid if I put her to bed earlier she'll wake up even earlier!

Grandma/Mom said...

When was the last time I slept through the night? That would be before Joe was born. Something about having to make sure by baby is okay and now all these years later it's a habit I can't break.

When was the last time I was able to sleep "in"?? I think that started again, thank god, once Joe was a teenager and thought he had to sleep all day !!LOL!!

Have faith my dearest DIL there is light at the end of the tunnel for you to get your "morning me" time back but it may be a long time away.

Grandma Nolan said...

Michelle, Michelle... That is the JOY of being a Parent!!!! The Routine changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes 2 steps behind...But, Grandma Nolan thinks Kayla is so Cute.... :) Love ya, Michelle....Always a parent 24/7 no matter how old our children are!!!