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Friday, March 24, 2006

IEP Update

We survived the IEP meeting! Actually it really wasn't that bad. And it's only preschool so I don't know why I was even feeling stressed about it to begin with. I guess I've heard stories from plenty of other parents about how hard these meetings are and how much they have to fight for services for their children. It seems to me these other schools don't want to provide the services the children deserve or need and it's always a fight. There are some who say they are only receiving 15 min a day or a week of speech, or no PT because the child is walking. So I've had these stories in my mind before going into the meeting - I was prepared to be defensive and advocate for my daughter; but I didn't have to :)

I guess we are really lucky in what we've encountered with the whole process from IFSP through ECI programs and now IEPs with new therapists. Everyone has been really willing to work with us and give us what we feel Kayla needs. No one's ever made us feel like we were asking for too much or that we had to fight for anything.

One thing I asked was if they do communication logs or books home to the parents and they said they don't currently do those but if I wanted one they could surely put that in the IEP and do it. It was so easy!

I'm sure as we go to other school systems and she moves up in grades IEPs will become more indepth and detailed and we just may have to fight for things later on down the road, but for now I'm glad this first one is past us and it went smoothly.

Did I mention yet that Kayla will be going to preschool this fall? Do you think I'm in denial that this is happening already?! My baby is growing up ...


Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to hear that everything went so well for the IEP meeting. I have already been worrying about this and it is over a year away for Miss E.

Yes, it is always difficult watching our little ones grow up (sniff, sniff)

Grandma said...

Not preschool already! Where in the world has time gone? it just seems like yesterday when Kayla was learning to walk and the day before that she was born.

WOW this grandma is going to need some serious granddaughter time soon!! Next thing I know she's going to be in Junior High.

Michelle said...

Rebecca - I started worrying about a year ago too! I know you mentioned before your concerns with day care situations for Miss E - do you think you will put her in preschool when the time comes?

If this is the grandma I think it is then we'll be seeing you in May :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess that I am not as afraid of preschool as I am of daycare-fortunately, I hold a firm belief that most teachers chose their profession because they like to teach. Although, my youngest boy will be five next month and he is not in preschool-simply because the options for him are not acceptable in my opinion.

I am not sure about what we will do in terms of preschool as yet with Elainah. Time will tell I suppose.

Tara Marie said...

Can Kayla really be going to preschool? Waaaahhhh,,,she was just a baby yesterday!

I'm glad your meeting went well....knock-on-wood, ours have also.