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Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Words

I am just loving this verbal explosion she is going through...we rejoice and yell and clap and get soooo excited everytime she says a new word and it's just so fun! Today it was "cow" and later this evening "cup". And she says "cow" so cute; it's just this perfectly little formed word and great enunciation. We'll say it back and forth to each other a few times and then she'll go "coooooooooooooooooooow!" in this high-pitched excited voice. Then she would go around saying "cow" over and over. We've been starting working on the concept of opposites with her now and have this book called "Opposites are fun" There is a 2-page spread of happy faces and sad faces and she's picked up pretty quickly which are which. She'll now say "happy" and immediately follow it with "sad". I can draw happy/sad faces on her magna doodle and she's been pointing to the correct ones. She likes the pages with the elephant going "up up up" and then "down down down" the slide. (and she says both of the words now too. She'll come up to where I'm sitting and try to climb in my lap saying "up up up" and I say "why did I ever teach you that word?!" But how can I resist that cute little face and voice asking for "up!"

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