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Monday, March 06, 2006

Encounter with a Stranger

Kayla charmed the pants off of someone today and it was so fun to watch! We were at the BX and one of the 'outside vendors' (he has a display up in the hallway) was sitting at a table when we walked in. Kayla of course had to say hi to which he responded in kind. On our way out she again said hi but instead of turning the way we came in she went the opposite way down the long hallway to the carts that have the little "cars" in the front for kids to sit in. Since we weren't in a hurry I let her sit in and "drive" with her doll for a few minutes. I finally convinced her to leave and we walked back by the guy sitting at the table. She had to say hi again, then she noticed his 2 bottles of water sitting on the table. She signed water and said (her attempt anyway) water. He thought she was saying/doing something else and I explained and showed him the sign and said she was signing water. And he asked her if she wanted his other bottle of water, I said oh no thank you. He said it wasn't opened and she could have it. I said she really doesn't need it, she was just saying water because she saw it. She of course went over with her baby doll and wanted to get up in the chair diagonal from him which he invited her to sit. Kayla kept saying "I sit" which actually comes out as "ah s*it" most of the time! He was so friendly to her and you could tell completely smitten with her little friendly little personality! He eventually did give her that other bottle of water because she just kept saying water so much! Even after she had it she kept pointing to his and saying water and he would say ok you want me to take a drink too? And proceed to take a drink, which she thought was the best because he ended with "aaaaaahhhhhhh" and she would do the same. He kept telling her "you're so precious do you know that Kayla?" and I wondered if he had someone in his life, or knows someone, who has T21, but I never did come out and ask him. I just enjoyed watching this nice gentlemen interact with my daughter. I can only hope throughout her life that she'll have more positive encounters of acceptance like this one then negative ones.

1 comment:

Bennetts said...

Thank you for veiwing my little man Chases blog. You have a beauiful little gal and am so glad that there are places where we can see and read about others w/Down syndrome and learn from then. Thank you