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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A Quar-seven-tine Birthday

Last year's Sweet 16th birthday was the best ever. Nothing could compare to that magical day. However, who would have predicted what birthdays would look like come 2020?! This year said it wasn't even going to attempt to match last year's birthday!

Kayla woke up on her birthday (last month, I'm late in posting!) so excited to be SEVENTEEN! She came downstairs and saw the little bit of decorations I put up in the kitchen and declared it the "best birthday ever!"

I was like, "Ummm...Kayla? Better than last year? Really? Your Sweet 16 going to Boston, seeing the Red Sox, getting a ball from Mookie Betts (we won't talk about the fact that he's with the Dodgers now!)? Wasn't that your best birthday ever?

She paused and said, "Best family birthday at home ever!" Haha! I somehow think the birthdays spent at home when she was actually able to have a sleepover with her friends and go to the water park were better birthday celebrations, but I'm glad she she is easy to please! She picked breakfast (pancakes) and dinner (pizza) and she had a fun video birthday tribute which she enjoyed seeing all the birthday wishes sent her way. 

Birthdays in this covid-world are definitely different, but you just make the most of it and make it as special as you can!

Happy 17th birthday to my beautiful girl! 

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