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Friday, February 23, 2018

Double Digit Birthday

Ten. Lucas is ten. How is it even possible that a decade has passed since I gave birth to this sweet boy of mine?

But it's true. I blinked and he's ten years old today.

Our annual birthday pancake tradition at IHOP

He still enjoys all the same things he has for the past several years: reading, Harry Potter, Minecraft, soccer, and chess.

(First place in a tournament a couple of weeks ago!) 

He's still my little boy with a heart of gold. He's still caring, empathetic, self-less, friendly, social, and sometimes still wise beyond his years. We still contribute to the "donation jar" that he started a couple years ago. Regularly donating what's been collected and starting over.

A couple months ago he ran in a 5K to begin his training for the Cooper River Bridge again. He ran this race last year (finished 3rd in his age group) and has a goal to beat his time and finish in under 50 min.

He's also, again, running for a purpose. He's raising money for LuMind RDS Foundation, as he did last year. If you'd like to make a donation and help him reach his goal I know he will be so thankful.

I can't wait to see where he'll go and what he'll accomplish in the future; but I'm also in no hurry for him to grow up. Time, slow down a little.

Happy 10th birthday Lucas!
"I love you more!"

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Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!