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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

He "Got Over It"

Earlier this year Lucas told Joe that he wanted to run in the Cooper River Bridge Run - a 10K race that Joe ran a few years ago. So Joe registered them both and they trained when they were able.

A tag line of this run is "Get Over It" - ie getting over this bridge.

The only other race Lucas has participated in was a couple years ago when a friend organized a 3.21 Run/Walk for World Down Syndrome Day. I was surprised that day when he ran the whole thing as we anticipated he would run for a small part of it and then walk the rest of the way - but he hung with the race organizer and ran the whole distance.

I wasn't sure how his first 10K was going to go, but he was determined to do this race.

I needn't have worried.

Lucas conquered his first 10K. He finished 3rd in his age group of 82. Out of 32,623 participants, he finished 2980 overall. His time was 52:34 with a pace of 8:27/a mile.

He also finished 1:05 ahead of his dad. Bragging rights, right there!

Right after the race Lucas said he wanted to do it again next year.

He's following in Joe's running footsteps, not just by running races, but also running and fundraising as a representative for LuMind Down Syndrome Research. He raised almost $700 for LuMind. So proud of this kid!

Finding his and Joe's names at the expo

Ready to run


Red and tired faces

The 3rd place finish medal he received

His exciting day didn't end with the race. That afternoon he scored a goal in his soccer game; which his team won and finished their season undefeated.

His day ended at the playground ... where he found $5.

A great day indeed!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS LUCAS!! You had a goal in mind and with that determination, you achieved running the 10K!! You did it for yourself and for a fundraiser LuMind. 3rd place out 82 runners in your age group, YEA!! Nice medal! way to go! and out of 32,000 odd runners you came in around 2,900 over the finish line and was even faster than your dad!! :} what a massive bridge to run across.keep it up Lucas. and same day, gettig a goal in soccer and team winning too and undeafeated for season and than finding $5 dollars! It was your day. love grandma

Cindy said...

Wow!! Congratulations Lucas! Great job!!

Sabrina Steyling said...

WAY TO GO LUCAS!!! You are truly an amazing kid!