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Monday, October 10, 2016

Geocaching Fun

This summer we took up a new hobby that we could do as a family - Geocaching.

Joe and I did this once or twice years ago in NM and I finally remembered to pick it up again this summer. Kayla was at camp so Lucas and I went on our first outing and came away with more mosquito bites then I care to count! But we prevailed and successfully found that canister!

We've found some on our travels, too - like when we were in FL and found one at a location that had the most delicious soft-serve ice-cream! 

Lucas and I found several in NC when Kayla was at Camp Victory Junction.

Or at South of the Border when we were on our way to NC to visit with my brother and his family. 

If we have a day that we aren't doing anything it's fun to hop in the car and follow the geocache app to find some caches throughout our town. 

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