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Friday, March 18, 2016


Monday, Mar 21st, is World Down Syndrome Day.

Last year a number of Down syndrome organizations collaborated on the idea of Random Acts of Kindness on WDSD while also spreading awareness and acceptance.

With WDSD falling on a Saturday last year we spent a busy day doing numerous RAOK and had a great time. But with Leap Year this year WDSD is on a Monday and with kids in school (not Spring Break here yet) we won't be able to get out and do as much as we did last year. I've still got a few things planned for us to do when they get home from school, so we'll still get out and have some fun surprising a few people with some RAOK.

Unfortunately with Kayla being in a private school this year and wearing a uniform she won't be able to wear her WDSD awareness shirt to school ... bummer.

Here is the scoop on participating in the RAOK. You'll find some pre-designed postcards that you can give out with your RAOK and an idea list of things you can do.

Try and capture your RAOK in photos and use #wdsd16 when sharing on social media.

We did do an early RAOK a couple of weekends ago. Just like last year for his birthday, Lucas' elected to ask for donations in lieu of gifts. This year he asked for pet toys so he could make a donation to the local animal shelter.

We also had a nice conversation about getting the donations instead of toys for himself and he said it made him feel good and he was happier to have all these pet toys and food than if he would have received toys. I told him he just learned what "it's better to give than receive" is all about. On our way home, just like last year, he said his heart felt "good and happy."

I'm so proud of him; I don't remember being that giving at his age.

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