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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Birthday Gifts Donation

A few months ago I posted the conversation I had with Lucas about his Christmas List Idea. Since it was a little late in the game to do what he wanted to do I suggested he could do it for his birthday instead.

His party invitations stated in lieu of gifts Lucas was asking for donations of board games so he could donate to children living in a shelter.

We were going to drop off the donations when we did our Random Acts of Kindness, but the offices aren't open on the weekend. We waited until Spring Break so the kids could be there to present the donation.

We went to the Carolina Youth Development Center with the games and puzzles he received at his birthday party. 

I think being there, and hearing the representative talk about the age range of kids who are there now, how many kids are in the shelter, and how much they would appreciate some new games to play with really had an impact on Lucas. He had questions for me afterwards about how kids end up living in a shelter instead of their own home and where are their parents.

I'm glad he takes such an interest in the world around him and wants to help others.

He said it left him with a good feeling in his heart knowing some kids would be playing with those games later that day.

Me too.

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Sabrina Steyling said...

Lucas truly is a wonderful, remarkable young man who has a heart for others. He will go very far in this world!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I agree with the comment Sabrina left.Lucas is remarkable!! his heart has no bounds. I am so very proud of Lucas. love grandma