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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome (Review and Giveaway)

Disclaimer: I received a free PDF copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

If you have received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis, or are a new parent to a baby with Down syndrome, there is a just-released book written just for you. (The book is also worthwhile for any parent of a child with Down syndrome to peruse as it contains information through the adult years.)

The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome: Advice, Information, Inspiration, and Support for Raising Your Child from Diagnosis Through Adulthood is co-authored by Jen Jacob (author, co-founder and VP of Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network) and Mardra Sikora (author, speaker, motivator, and advocate).

This comprehensive, up-to-date, organized and easy-to-read guide is full of information, resources (including links to all websites), and support. It is easy to navigate the different stages you, and your child with Down syndrome, will find yourselves. The book is short (under 300 pages) so it is easily 'digestible' while still providing a lot of valuable information.

- Part One covers "The Basics" of what Down syndrome is, receiving a prenatal diagnosis, and receiving a postnatal diagnosis at birth

- Part Two covers "The Journey" with chapters focused on newborn, baby/toddler years, primary/middle school, teenage years, and adult years

- Part Three lets parents know "You Are Not Alone" and covers support and research and a world-wide network connecting families who have a loved one with Down syndrome

Throughout the book there are plenty of quotes and stories and experiences from numerous parents on this journey, but more importantly there are the voices of those who have Down syndrome giving their perspective on their lives and advice to parents.

Mardra put together some great information on the making of this book and things to keep in mind, such as this: "we worked hard to educate the publishers about people first language and its importance – there are a few missteps within the pages. These editors worked hard to quickly tackle a subject new to them while helping us get a lotof information shared in short order. The effort resulted in overall helpful materials for parents (and others) with a few slipups that I ask be forgiven, like any other proofreading error, and will be adjusted on future print editions, and hopefully sooner on Kindle formats."

You can also find more information on this book at this link.

I've been on my own parenting journey for 12 years now so a lot of the information/resources etc aren't new to me (which is fine as it's most beneficial for new parents), but I would have appreciated having this book after Kayla was born. While the information that comes with a diagnosis can be, and is, overwhelming, this book makes it easy to skim through and pick out what is relevant to what you need at that time of your life.

And our journey isn't over, by far. We will be entering the teen years and that, of course, will quickly be followed by the adult years. I enjoyed reading those chapters as they give me a glimpse into what to expect with my own child.

Don't just take my word for the great resource that is this book; you can read what other bloggers are saying about the book, too.

For the giveaway. There is a Grand Prize giveaway, and then there is a single book giveaway (this one is just from my blog.)

To enter to win the book from my blog just leave a comment (making sure I can reach you) saying what your current go-to resource is for Down syndrome (if you have one). I will pick a winner via random.org in a week.

To enter the Grand Prize which includes the book (of course), other book resources, a totebag, stickers, and a free registration for this year's 321eConference (all valued at over $200) just enter the simple and quick Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can get connected with the Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome Facebook page as well!

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Deborah said...

It's a great book! If I won another copy, I'd probably put it in our DSA library. Right now, my greatest resources are my local group and some of the facebook groups ... I love the Inclusion group, and the T21 writer's group because they both encourage me to consider perspectives and challenges that I might not recognize otherwise. :)

Unknown said...

Our greatest resource is the local community. The have been there for us from our 20 week diagnosis, through avsd repair and on. It's been a crazy year!

Graham said...

Not sure why that says unknown for my name. Odd.