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Saturday, October 03, 2015

B is for Brushfield Spots

Many people with Down syndrome, especially those with blue eyes, have Brushfield spots - tiny white dots, or specks, around the iris in the eye.

I think these spots really make the eyes 'pop' and sparkle. Kayla's eyes are noticed a lot and people have mentioned to her, and us, over the years how pretty her eyes are. I think she has beautiful eyes because of their almond-shape and the Brushfield spots: both characteristics of having Down syndrome.

Several years ago the British Journal of Hospital Medicine used pictures of Kayla's eyes for an article about The Eye and Down syndrome where they mention the Brushfield spots.

That was pretty exciting to see her eyes featured in the medical journal; but what was even more exciting was when her eyes won her the Most Beautiful Eyes contest from Prevent Blindness America. I really think those Brushfield spots contributed to that distinction!

This is an enhanced picture of what I submitted for the contest; I think the Brushfield spots really stand out in this picture.

If you have a child with Down syndrome do they have the Brushfield spots? (The spots can appear in children without Down syndrome). Interestingly Brushfield spots weren't found in a study of Asian children with Down syndrome.

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Sabrina Steyling said...

Kayla's eyes ARE beautiful! I think Brushfield spots are awesome (and I admit I'm kinda jealous!) :)

FlutistPride said...

Kayla's eyes are beautiful. I've always envied the blue-eyed because I'm stuck with boring black (as in: very dark brown) eyes.