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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

His Christmas List Idea

It was a few days before Christmas when Lucas said he wanted to make a list of all the games in our closet and write those down on his Christmas list.

Obviously my first question to him was, "Why do you want to put games we already have on your Christmas list?"

His reply, "So then when I get the games I already have I can donate them to kids who are homeless."

Later that night as we were snuggling in bed he said, "I think that should be our Christmas tradition. What I said before about the games on my Christmas list and bringing them to a homeless shelter. That should be our Christmas tradition."

We donated some toys to Toys For Tots earlier in Dec, but we didn't have a chance to do his board game idea this Christmas (we were out of town), but his birthday is next month and I'm going to talk to him about doing that for his birthday since he didn't get a chance to put those board games on Christmas wish list. 

I think he's on to something with that being our new tradition during Christmas though, and what a great tradition to start.

My boy, he's growing up so fast. He even looks so much older than his 6 years to me. He often tells me he wishes he was "3, or 2, or 1" again so he could fit in my lap and in my arms. There are times I do too - when I'm feeling nostalgic and realizing how quickly he's growing up- I do miss those toddler years.

But I sure am enjoying watching him grow up in to this amazing person.

His first grade school picture:

And one day I looked at him and he was this older kid...

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Sabrina Steyling said...

Lucas is a wonderful kid, wise beyond his years - and a young man of God who knows what it means to show love and kindness to others!

Cindy said...

What an amazing heart he has!

Anonymous said...

beautiful tradition and he seems to always put others before himself. you and Joe and Kayla are truly blessed to have Lucas in your lives. oh my he does look older!! I think that is sweet that he sometimes wishes he was still way younger to fit in your lap..]