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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Wishes Delivered

When we lived in New Mexico we had a very friendly and personable UPS driver named Dave. He would often chat with us for a few minutes upon delivering a package and we got to know him quite well. After Kayla was born he stopped by with gifts that his wife bought for her - and we had never even met his wife!

We left NM when Kayla was 5, but even during those few years in NM she was on a first name basis with Dave. It got to the point that anytime she would see that familiar big brown truck on the road she would say, "Dave's truck!" This even stuck with her after we moved to MD. Anytime she saw a UPS truck it was "Dave's truck!"

All that brought about after reading of UPS's #WishesDelivered campaign. It brought back memories of the smiles upon seeing "Dave's truck!"

Back to their campaign: For every wish shared with #wishesdelivered UPS will donate $1 to one of three charity partners - Boys and Girls Club of America, Salvation Army, and Toys For Tots.

Many wishes have been left about feeding the hungry or supporting veterans and UPS heard. $2000 has been pledged to both the World Food Programme and Operation Homefront.

You can leave your #wishesdelivered post right on their website, or Twitter, or FB.

Even if you feel like you can't give much this holiday season ... you can give a #wishesdelivered post and have $1 donated to charity!

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1 comment:

Sabrina Steyling said...

How funny that you knew a UPS driver named Dave, because the UPS driver at the library where I work is also named Dave! And yes, whenever I see him pull up outside our door I say, "Dave's truck!" myself - or "Dave's here!" :)