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Friday, October 03, 2014

On Your Own

"On Your Own" is a film about a single father who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. In dealing with his cancer he must also help his daughter, who has Down syndrome, understand about his inevitable death, and provide care for her after he is gone.

The filmmaker, Wang Tianyi, happened upon a father and his adult daughter while they were in the mall. That observation soon led him to discussions with Chris Tumminelli, the president of Flower City Down Syndrome Network Rochester, NY.

Wang realized there is a concern among parents who have children with Down syndrome about what life will be like for their adult child after the parent(s) have passed away - how will they prepare for that future and ensuring they are cared for. He wanted to explore this very valid concern as a filmmaker and show this kind of situation to society.

More from Chris Tumminelli on this film:

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