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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Having Down Syndrome Doesn't Mean

Just because a person has Down syndrome doesn't mean they can't make friends, have fun, be creative, use their imagination, partake in interactive and cooperative play, play a made-up game, and engage in turn-taking. And do all of this as a toddler with limited verbal skills.

I see all of the above in this video of Kayla when she and her best buddy were 3 years old.

I see they were independently playing in Kayla's room and made up a game where they stuck their head in the cabinet of the plastic kitchen set (or maybe in their minds they were hiding) and the other person tickled them. They took turns doing this several time before I thought to grab the camera.

The point-and-shoot camera only took 30 second video clips, but it's 30 seconds I'm glad I have because these memories are priceless and it's 30 seconds that brings a smile to my face.

Also, is there any cuter sound then a couple of toddlers giggling?!

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Frau Rumpel said...

So sweet and funny :-) thanks for sharing...a big smile is now on my face ♡

Anonymous said...

Yep priceless. :} a wonderful sound indeed and just seeing the imagination of two 3 yr old children love mom