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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Zippy's Club Book Review

Zippy's Club is the latest children's book in the Zippy series.  Zippy is a zebra who was born without any stripes and the first two books address the topic of Zippy coming to accept himself for who he is and the process it teaches others to celebrate differences.

The author, Candida Sullivan, is no stranger to growing up with a difference as she was born with a rare condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Candida also experienced bullying and drew upon her experiences to create a children's book to address the topic of bullying: Zippy's Club.

Zippy wants to form a club to combat the issue of bullying. He tells the potential members that they have 'chores' to do in his club - namely being kind, treating others as you would be treated, and celebrating differences. The other animals don't like the idea of having to do 'chores' and decide they don't want to be in this club.

Zippy encounters the lizard, who is being bullied by the snakes, and decides to go talk to the snakes. The snakes then bully Zippy to the point where something tragic almost happens. The animals then all realize the importance of Zippy's message and the purpose of his club.

It is a great book for younger children to open the discussion of bullying. The end of the book also has a section from a nationally certified counselor to help initiate those conversations. It has questions like, "In the story who was the bully, who was being bullied, and who just stood by?" It is great to get kids realizing what it means to be a bully, to be bullied, and to stand by and watch it happen.

My kids gave the book 2 thumbs up!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for free to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine, and my children's!

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