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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Race For Research $65K Challenge

I'm getting excited for the upcoming Race For Research road rally/scavenger hunt that we are participating in to raise money for Down syndrome cognition research!

All of the participating teams are going to have decals of their team names on their windshield, as well as decals of the sponsors on their cars - just like NASCAR race cars. I will be sure and share pictures of the event when it's over! If you're on Twitter you can follow along (I'm @mdbeau) and/or follow #dsr4r.

The original fundraising goal for the overall Race For Research was $50K - that has been met and surpassed! Currently the total is just over $60K. Once that $50K was met a challenge was put forth with a new goal in mind: $65K by this Friday, June 13th. If the total reaches $65K then one of the founders will donate $15K!

If you'd like to help Team Blueberry Eyes contribute to reaching that goal it will be much appreciated!

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