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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family Resemblances

I've always thought that Lucas looked quite a bit like my brother Michael when he was a toddler.

I don't have a lot of nice, clear quality pictures of Michael from years ago, but here are a couple.

 A sampling of pictures during Lucas's toddler years...

But then Joe's mom shared this picture of Joe as a kid.

My first thought, "Wow that could be Lucas!"

Kayla and Lucas both thought this was Lucas, "Who am I playing with?"
I showed this to my mom and she said, "Where was this taken and who is Lucas with?"

My sister realized this was an older picture and therefore not Lucas, but her response was, "That's not Lucas! That's Michael!" Ha!

And seeing how I think he resembles my brother, he must somewhat resemble me too when I was a baby.

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Anonymous said...

that was fun to look at pics of michael and than Joe as a little one and than you!! yep,there is alot of resemblances , family,on both sides that is real strong in Lucas. love mom

Anonymous said...

Definitely fun!!

Lu said...

this reminds me of the mother of one of the 3 year olds at our church years ago. Who showed us a photo of her husband when he would have been about 8. The likeness was surprising, as father and son no longer looked at all alike. We showed the photo to some of the other children and asked who it was. One childs coment was 'that is George when he gets bigger'

alamama alamama said...

holy cow! he looks like both!!