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Friday, November 22, 2013

3 on the 21st: A Blog Hop

This post is part of the monthly 3 on the 21st Down syndrome blog hop.

The blog hop is simple: Post 1 tip, 1 truth, and 1 picture about Down syndrome/disability.

1 Tip: Whenever the opportunity arises, like when you're with another family who has a child with Down syndrome, or reading a book about Ds, or participating in a Buddy Walk, simply point out to your child that they have Down syndrome. "You know your friend over there has Down syndrome? Just like you do." "See the boy in this book? He has Down syndrome, like you." "We're walking in the Buddy Walk because of you - because you have Down syndrome." That way your child will hear it in a straight-forward way, become used to the term Down syndrome and come to realize it's just a natural part of who they are.
Then one day you might have this conversation with your child, like I had with Kayla.

Me, "Kayla do you know what Down syndrome is?"
K, "My eyes."
Me, "What about your eyes?"
Kayla, "So beautiful."

1 Truth: Kids with Down syndrome can and do participate in extra-curricular school activities. Kayla was just notified that she she was accepted in to the drama club at school. I'm so excited for her because she had such a fun time this summer participating in Missoula Children's Theater production of Snow White.

1 Picture: She looks so grown up to me in this photo!

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Anonymous said...

congrzts to Kayal for getting a spot on the drama club!! and oh my!1 that is our little Kayal!! she does look so grown-up!! beautiful! love memaw

Beth said...

We love Missoula Children's Theater! Our girls love it also! And WOW - she does look SOOOO grown up. She is just beautiful!

ahoy.jenni said...

And that is all she needs to know, so beautiful! Isnt 10 a beautiful age, it shows a hint of the woman to come, I love seeing it in my daughter.

tracey becker said...

My gosh! She DOES look so grown up in that picture! It's been a while since I stopped by (how does that happen in blogging?) and I wanted to say hello. :)