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Friday, October 04, 2013

When Lellow Became Yellow

Like a lot of kids when they first start talking, Lucas pronounced "yellow" like "lellow."

I knew that he would eventually start saying it correctly, and as it got closer to him starting Kindergarten I knew I should be correcting him so he would enunciate it correctly. But I was hesitant, because I enjoyed how cute it sounded to hear "lellow" and when he would say it, it reminded me that he was still my little boy.

A few weeks before school started, out of nowhere, Joe asked Lucas, "What color is the sun?"

We both fully expected to hear "lellow" and I knew that we would secretly share a smile over his head.

Instead, also seemingly out of nowhere, he answered perfectly clearly, "yellow." Joe and I shared more of a shocked looked over his head when that came out of his mouth.

No one had been coaching him to pronounce it "yellow." No one had even brought it up to him. It just naturally flowed out of his mouth as if he had been saying "yellow" this whole time. Except he hasn't.

We asked him again, and again, what color is the sun? And he kept answering "yellow." He didn't realize what the big deal was; he didn't even realize he was saying it differently than he was previously saying it until we pointed it out to him.

Joe and I shared another look - one that said we were going to miss the sound of 'lellow' and that this was just another sign that he was growing up.

He still has a couple of other things that he says that I'm going to miss when he grows out of those as well.

He got 'scented' and 'sensitive' mixed up at one point. Kayla gave him a scented marker for Christmas last year and he got some on this thumb and said that his "thumb is sensitive now." So when talking about something that is scented he says sensitive. He, in turn, gave her a scented pen for her birthday, but it's "see Kayla? It's sensitive, just like the sensitive marker you gave me."

When something is confusing him he says, "Oh I'm confusing!" instead of "I'm confused."

Contents became mixed up with continents. "Where are the Table of Continents in this book?"

I need to start writing down more of his little language quirks before he stops saying them...and before he grows up too much.

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nichole said...

When my cousin was little, about 4 or 5, she would call her tights, "lylons" instead of nylons. She was too darn cute.

Stephanie said...

My littlest sister (17 years my junior) always used to say "nuffins" for muffins and it was SO cute. Then one day I came home from college and asked her if she wanted nuffins for breakfast and she gave me this annoyed look and said, "They are MMMMuffins, Stephie." Saddest day ever!!

I Just Love You said...

Charlie calls Rachel "chull chull"... I will be sad to see that go one day.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!! :) yes, they grow up and we miss all the things they said,pronunced or did when they were younger than 5 . :}
love grandma

Becca said...

Sammi has some of those cute word substitutions, too. I never thought about documenting them, though, but I see what you mean! While I can't think of any off-the-bat, I do know that when I hear her transition out of them, it's almost sad. Kinda like when she starts calling me "mom" or "Rebecca" instead of "mommy," I know the day that one of those becomes full-time is right around the corner. :-(

Liz said...

I have a niece who is 4 and she calls her underwear "tannies" instead of panties. Even her teachers call them "tannies" at school. Hilarious!