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Monday, October 07, 2013

She's Got The Look

Well, a new look anyway!

Kayla got glasses a few weeks ago. This is definitely a new look for her. After 10 years of nothing being on her face, it's taken some getting used to (for me!) to see Kayla with glasses on.

I was also worried about how difficult it was going to be to make sure she kept them on her face. I didn't see this going down very well. This is a child who won't even keep sunglasses on her face.

People would tell me that once she realized how much clearer she could see with her glasses, that she would probably leave them on.

And those people were right.

I have been amazed, and so impressed, with how easily she adjusted to wearing glasses, and leaving them on. I have to admit how nervous I was sending her off on the school bus that first day. I can't micro-manage her day, but I sure wanted to. Thoughts went through my head like, "What if she takes them off and leaves them on the bus?" "What if she plays with them and they break?" "What if she puts them in her backpack and doesn't use them?"

Last week, for some reason, we did forget them 3x before she went to school. I have no idea what was going on last week. I didn't even notice she didn't have them on when we went to the bus stop. Other than that, she's been doing great with keeping them on (and she has to wear them all the time).

And so much for the "scratch-resistant" lenses. I know they are 'resistant' and not 'scratch-proof' so they still could get a scratch on them. But I didn't think it would be less than 3 weeks into having the glasses that she somehow got a scratch on one of the lenses (is there any way to take the scratch out?)

So ... here is her new look:


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Bonita said...


Sabrina said...

Kayla, you look awesome! Very grown up! :)

nichole said...

She looks so grown up with her glasses

Anonymous said...

So cute and older looking !

Anonymous said...

She looks fabulous, as always!! :)

Lisa said...

Cate went to the eye doc yesterday and he said maybe 2 more years before she'll need them. I'm already worried about it but seeing Kayla rocking them helps!