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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Politely Cutting the Line

About a month and a half after school started we had a special-review IEP meeting. We discussed how the accommodations and modifications were working out, went over her progress thus far, and in general see if there was anything else the school team could be doing to help make sure Kayla would have a successful year.

During this meeting her teacher told us how all the kids really like Kayla and she gets along with everyone.

She said the kids all like Kayla so much, that when she goes up to sharpen her pencil she cuts in line and they let her. They don't say anything to her, but she knows if another classmate cut in line the students wouldn't let it happen.

Her teacher has been making sure it doesn't happen either and reminds Kayla she has to go to the end of the line.

I talked with Kayla about this when I got home.

Me, "Kayla when you go sharpen your pencil in class are the other kids sometimes in line already?"
Kayla, "Yes."
Me, "And you just go to the front of the line?"
Kayla, "Yes, I sharpen my pencil."
Me, "But Kayla you're not supposed to cut in front of the line. You need to wait at the end of the line."
Kayla, "I say excuse me!"

Well there you go. Maybe the other kids aren't being polite when they cut in line.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, she was being polite, first and than "cut in line." love it!! glad to hear that the kids really like Kayla !! love mom

Bailey's Leaf said...

At least she doesn't plow them over like the other kids do! They are probably so shocked at the politeness that they want to continue to encourage that behavior and forget that cutting isn't so great.

It did make me chuckle, though!