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Friday, October 11, 2013

Buddy Walk 2013

Last weekend we participated in our 11th annual Buddy Walk. It seems odd to say 11th annual when Kayla is only 10, but we walked in our first one the year she was born, 2003, when she was just shy of 3 months old. Technically this was our 12th total walk since we participated in two walks in 2009 when we lived in MD.

From what I can remember of each of the 12 walks ... we've always had a nice, sunny day ... except one time. That cold, rainy day from the Northern VA walk. I'm talking coats, scarves, and gloves kind of cold!

I guess when you've lived in NM and SC the walks usually end up being warm/hot and sunny. And add humid to the mix when you're on the east coast! Last weekend was no different. Although there was some rain that day, it seemed to have rained all around the area ... except Daniel Island where the walk was held.

Kayla enjoyed snuggling up to this sweet baby (and she kept trying to wake him up!) He was born at Holloman AFB, NM ... just like Kayla was!

Our team, minus my mom who stayed under the shade!

Kayla's BFF

At the end of the walk: red, hot, and sweaty!

With the band:

Future drum major?

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