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Monday, October 21, 2013

3 for 21: 3 Favorite Posts

Monthly blog hop (3) on the 21st: A Down Syndrome Blog Hop.

This month's blog hop: 3 favorite posts related to Down syndrome (your own, or from another blog). 

This first one is a two-part blog post. I originally posted Hope and Normalcy as a result of reading a blog by a doctor talking about giving a Down syndrome diagnosis and that he can not parents there is any chance their baby will be normal. My follow up post Hope and Normalcy Part 2 was in response to an anonymous commenter who said, among many things, that her husband said he would divorce her if she didn't have an abortion. He wasn't equipped to have a child who wouldn't have a chance to grow up normally which meant at a high level of intelligence.

The second one isn't specifically about Down syndrome, but it is about Kayla and how sometimes, you just gotta believe in what you see.

The third one is a light-hearted, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, post about the perks of having Down syndrome. Perks like a free, life-time pass to the National Parks.

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