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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lunch Box Notes

Last year I put notes in Kayla's lunch box throughout the year. Not every day, just randomly, when I would remember. She never said anything about the notes and eventually I forgot about putting them in with her lunch.

This year I wanted to do better about putting a little something in the lunch box for Kayla and Lucas. Something to bring a smile to their day and hopefully encourage Kayla to have a good day/stay in a good mood!

I'm not sure if I'll get through every single day of school, but I'm trying!

We were only in the second week of school when one night I was making their lunches and already ran out of ideas of what to write on their notes. I felt like anything I put would already be a repeat. So I thought it would be ok if I skipped a day; and I didn't think they would really notice anyway.

The next night I was making their lunches when Kayla says, "Mooom! What about a note?!"

Me, "Oh! Did I forget to put a note in your lunch today?"

K: "YES!"

L: "You forgot my note too! I was looking all around wondering where it was!"

M: "Do you want a note in your lunch?"

A resounding "YES!!" and giggles from both of them.

Me: "Ok, I guess I better remember to put one in tonight."

K: "I got it, Mom, I got it!"

Kayla ran to the drawer in the kitchen and took out the note pad and pen. She wrote her name on the paper and then wrote 'bus.' (I sometimes put whether they are bus or car riders). Then she said, "What else?"

I told her to put "Friday" because I would've written "It's Friday!"

K: "Ok, what next?"

Me: "Love you."

K: "Got it!"

And then Kayla proceeded to put the note that she wrote herself, as if it was from me, in her lunch box.

Guess she wanted to make sure she would have a note in her lunch even if she had to write it herself!

When I told Lucas I didn't know what to write every day he said "You don't have to write something all the time, other days you could just draw a picture."

Me: "I don't know how to draw very well."

L: "Just do what I did and keep practicing over and over and then you will be a better drawer!"

Good advice, son!

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Becca said...

Hahaha!!! Good thinking, Kayla!!! I put notes in Sammi's lunch box all last year, and she never mentioned them, and this year I haven't done it at all, and she hasn't mentioned it. I'll ask her about it tonight, see if she likes getting the notes. Then maybe I'll start back up again. :-)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE this!! I used to get a note occasionally from my mother in my lunch, even in high school (I easily could have done my own lunch, but she was making 4 others, so she figured she'd do mine too). I tell you what--I remember those notes and I remember feeling so great getting one. You could probably get some stickers from the dollar store or dollar bin at Target or a stamp and put those on them too, just to jazz them up.

Kristin said...

Too cute. My daughter got mad last year when I put a note in her lunch the first day, 'because she's not a baby and wasn't going to miss me' - ha. But near the end of the year she decided it was cool and requested them ;)

Cindy said...

Oh this is SO sweet!! Your kids are precious to encourage you to write the notes. You're making great memories!

Anonymous said...

Warms your heart!! That is great that Kayla wrote her own note, per what you wanted to say !:} and Lucas indicating "different" way of a note and than commenting "just keep drawing ,so you will get better." :} love the conversations with Kayla and Lucas. love mom

Lisa said...

I periodically write a message on my girls napkins. It is so funny because if it do it the para told me that Cate will go get a cafeteria napkin and leave my note one to the side where she can see it while she eats!

Jessie said...

When I ran out of ideas I cut out cartoons from the newspaper or put in a joke. One time a started a story and continued 2 lines at a time over about a month. She (and friends! loved that!)

Kerri Ames said...

Oh that is so sweet! I do this once in a while for Allie. But like you I run out of things, time, etc... :)

Ellie said...

Cute and clever, both of the kids.