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Friday, September 13, 2013

Disney Tires Him Out

We've been fortunate to have gone to Disney 3 times since 2009.

- When Joe was deployed, my mom went with me to take the kids to FL and we went to the Magic Kingdom (and a side trip to SC to visit the base and area we were going to be stationed at).

- The National Down Syndrome Convention was held at Disney in 2010 (and we took the kids to the Animal Kingdom)

- And we just went over the Labor Day weekend with several families from the Summerville Miracle League.

Disney tires Lucas out. Heck, Disney tires me out! But I can't just fall asleep anywhere like a little kid can.

Each year we've been to Disney I have a picture of Lucas passed out on someone's shoulder.

If there is a next time for Disney (which Joe will say there will be, because Lucas is tall enough for Space Mountain now ... and he loved it. Joe finally has a roller-coaster buddy since Kayla and I sit those out.) I think Lucas will be too big for one of these pictures.

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Heidi said...

Even if he is too big, have him fake it. The fun sequence will be cherished when he is older.

Anonymous said...

love it !! yea, I like the first comment suggesting "fAke it" just because it will be fun!! with the sequence!! love mom