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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School is Exhausting

I think both kids had a great first day back to school. As soon as I picked them up they were both chattering away about this, that, and the other.

I guess Kayla did have some incidence on her first day back. I'm not quite clear on what happened, but I think she was getting emotional or something and kept saying she wanted to go see Lucas. Now that he's in the same building with her it's probably a novelty to her. Her gen ed teacher distracted her by suggesting she make a card for Lucas instead. Kayla was fine with that.

Then when she was in the resource room she started becoming emotional again wanting to see Lucas. So the aide brought her to his classroom so she could see him, she gave him a hug, and all was fine with the rest of her day.

If that's all it takes for her to have a good day I'm mostly ok with that. However, since this is new to her (having Lucas in school with her) I don't want her to use this as a crutch ... a way to get out of doing something or being somewhere she doesn't want to be. I don't want her to turn on the fake cry/whine routine saying she wants to see her brother.

The next 2 days of school she said she just saw Lucas in the hallway, so hopefully that's enough to reassure her that everything is right in her world!

I picked them up from school the first day (and being in the car rider line reminded me why they take the bus home. Oh.my.goodness. That line is crazy. I have to pick them up 2 days a week though because we have to go right to vision therapy.) and we went to vision therapy.

After we had been back home for awhile I noticed that Kayla was pretty quiet upstairs. I finally went to see what she was doing and found her like this.

It wasn't even 6:00pm yet. She was O-U-T. Sleeping hard. Guess that first day of school, followed by vision therapy, really drained her!

As for Lucas ... his adjustment was getting up at 6:00am. He is like me (not a morning person!) and he usually sleeps until 8-830. We set the alarm clock in his room and he has been getting out of bed when it goes off and coming downstairs. So far so good.

Last night he did have something to say about his bedtime though.

"What is 5 less than 7:30?"
Me, "It's 7:25."
L, "Ok, that's what time I want to go to bed tonight so I can sleep just a little bit longer."

When he woke up this morning he said he wasn't even tired, so that's what time he wanted to go to bed tonight too.

I guess 5 minutes earlier made all the difference to him!

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Anonymous said...

love the pic of Kayla!! :} bless her heart, she was exhausted!! oh the thinking, logical part of Lucas.
what is 5 less of 7:30 and 7:25 made the biggest difference in getting to sleep just a little bit longer. way to cute!! :}

Kayla wanting to see her brother so sweet and hopefully reassuring when she gets to see him in the hallway. :} love mom

ckbrylliant said...

did she stay asleep for the nite? I wish my kids would want to go to bed 5 minutes early or even on time!!!

Sabrina said...

That pic of Kayla is adorable! And boy, I wish 5 minutes made a difference with ME getting up in the morning! It doesn't, and it never will. I'm SO not a morning person, and it takes me SO long to get moving! @_@

stephanie said...

Sounds like they both had a good day! Hope the rest of the days continue like that!