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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Milestone Decade Birthdays

Kayla and I both had those milestone decade birthdays this year.

2 weeks ago for Kayla; today for me.

1 for Kayla. 4 for me.

4 decades. Really?!

It's going to take some getting used to answering the question, "How old are you?" with the reply, "40." Forty doesn't roll off my tongue that easily. It feels weird saying it. But then again, when you're an adult how many times do you actually get asked your age?

I feel like I should be doing something big and great to celebrate the big 4-0, but I kind of stopped celebrating birthdays years ago. Thankful for another birthday, but still just another day all the same.

But it's 4 decades!

Shouldn't I go jump out of a plane or some other big risk-taking activity? Parachuting isn't likely - I don't even like roller coasters!

What does everyone else do to celebrate 40? 

Maybe I should make a bucket list of 40 things.
Or 40 things about me.
Or 40 things I've learned.

But 40? That's a lot of things for a list; who would want to read a list that contains 40 items?

So, I'm 40 today. No great words of wisdom from me on turning 40!

I received a card yesterday that had the following quote:

"It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."

I like that. I'd like to think that the life in my years have been pretty great, fulfilling, and full of love.

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Line-Marie said...

Happy 40th birthday!! I hope you spend your special day with your loved ones!

I Just Love You said...

happy birthday!

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday!

Why not write down 40 things you're thankful for?

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday MIchelle! I think birthdays are a great thing to celebrate so I think you should go out for a family dinner (if you can) and enjoy the people in your life!! :)

Anonymous said...

beautifully said. love mom :}

my family said...

enjoy your day, happy birthday michelle!

Meg said...

Happy Birthday to you and to Kayla. Enjoy your 40s.

Tammy said...

Hi Michelle! Not sure if you remember me but you were one of my blogging friends (Lattes and Lollipops) yrs ago and so glad to see you're still blogging! I just came back after a loooooong break. Happy 40th birthday!!! And this will make you feel young...I just celebrated my 50th this year! I never minded turning 40 like some people do, but 50 was a lot harder...but though I didn't jump out of a plane- our family did go to Hawaii for my birthday and on the actual day, my husband and I went parasailing! :) Back to you...I had forgotten that you had another baby and both your children are really growing! Would you believe mine are 14 and 11 now. Anyway, I just started a new blog- School in the Hammock.

ahoy.jenni said...

Happy 40th! Mine passed by uneventfully and I regretted it so the next year we went on a holiday to Noosa, and the year after that too, to make up for missing celebrating my 40th! 40 seems so young! I'm now in my 40-lates but still feel (and act..) about 35, that's a good age to stay at I think.

Dena said...

I turned 40 in May - a)i don't think we look 40 b)really our list of have done is way more than our bucket list can ever be although i'm not going to lie - diving in a shark cage is #1 on the list!!! I told Mike we'd do that at 80!