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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

His Own Bike Milestone

I've been neglectful.

I excitedly posted a video and blogged about Kayla finally riding a bike; it was a milestone that felt like a long time coming.

But Lucas had a bike milestone back in October that I haven't yet mentioned.  And his was just as exciting.

He started riding a bike without training wheels.

He had been trying off and on a few times in the months before that, but he didn't seem to feel sure of himself without the training wheels. Then in Oct we were at a birthday party at a park. Someone brought a few kid's bikes ... none of which had training wheels. Lucas saw a couple of his friends up on those bikes riding around and decided to give it another go - and that was it. He was off and riding without any training wheels. The training wheels came off his own bike as soon as we got home.

While I was very excited for him ... and we let him know how excited and proud we were of him ... there was also a tinge of sadness.

Sadness because he was 4.5 and the training wheels felt like the last symbol of that young toddler/preschool age. It just felt like he was growing up too fast.

There was also sadness because he was 4.5 and riding without training wheels and Kayla was 9 and not even riding a bike with training wheels. I didn't want him to pass her up so easily, or so soon. Things already come so much easier and naturally to him. Reading is another area where he is doing this, too.

So while I wasted no time in blogging about, and posting on FB, Kayla's riding accomplishment...I hadn't yet gotten around to Lucas's big bike riding milestone. With Kayla I felt like everyone would understand what there was to celebrate, but with Lucas I felt like it was just natural and expected of a typically-developing child to meet those milestones.

Yet even though it is natural, and did come easy to him, it's still a milestone to be celebrated. I have two children who will be, and are, reaching milestones at their own pace and in their own way. One may struggle and take a longer time to achieve those accomplishments, and the other may not have as much trouble with the natural progression of milestones.

But they both deserve to be celebrated.

Lucas got a new bike for his birthday since he was getting too big for his first bike. So, finally, a video of Lucas riding a bike without training wheels. This kid, growing up too fast.

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1 comment:

krlr said...

Awesome job with the bike, Lucas! I'd tell your mom how neglectful *I* was in teaching my son how to ride w/out training wheels but she'd think that was really, REALLY neglectful and to each in their own time, including parents. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!