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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Goodwill Dress, Part II

Remember the dress from Goodwill that I bought for Kayla last summer? I didn't buy it for any particular occasion or upcoming event. It was just a pretty dress and Kayla loves to dress up; I knew she would love it. And I couldn't beat $4 for a dress-up dress.

That was probably the best $4 I've spent - Kayla has gotten a lot of use out of it, and not just for playing dress-up.

She wore it to the Charleston Museum for a Knight and Princess event.

She was invited to a birthday party where the theme was Hollywood ... getting dressed up like you were walking the red carpet.

And this weekend she wore it to a Father-Daughter Princess Dance. IMG_7700


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Becca said...

Oh, I LOVE it!! And that's just the kind of thing my new blog is all about. :-) Not spending a lot of money to dress our kids. Mind if I link to this post on my "Fashion and Frugality (for Kids)" FB page?

LJ said...

the pictures are beautiful!! I wish I had a daughter as beautiful as Kayla! I'm a wee bit envious. :) I may be going to a gala in May and I have to wear a fancy gown. I wish I could borrow Kayla's dress. :)

Sabrina said...

Love that dress! Purple's my favorite color, and Kayla looks so great in it! Glad to know she's gotten good use out of it. Best $4 ever spent, right? :)

my family said...

oh it is so beautiful! she is just lovely in it

purple was my fave color when I was little...everything had to be purple

Cindy said...

That dress is SO beautiful and was perfect for every single event! Yea mom!!

Penny Foster said...

The dress is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Kayla!

Junior said...

beautiful, just perfect for princess Kayla.

Anonymous said...

amazing what $4 can get you...beautiful memories of Kayla in a beautiful princess dress. Like you said,who knew the princess dress would be used on so many occasions!! Love grandma

Jaida said...

She is so gorgeous. In that last picture she really looks like her dad!!

Amber T said...

She is beautiful! Love the dress :)

ahoy.jenni said...

Don't you just love buys like this.
And she looks gorgeous as usual :-)