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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Goodwill Dress

Kayla needed a pair of black leggings for one of her costumes for the dance recital. I checked a couple stores but they didn't have just plain black leggings with no other color or design on them.

So, I headed to Goodwill. It's where I was able to find nice, hardly worn, black dress pants for Lucas last year for my sister's wedding and I was hoping for the same success in looking for leggings for Kayla.

Thankfully I was able to find what I was looking for - a pair in her size and they looked like they had never been worn.

While browsing the racks I came across a pretty, light-purple, fancy, formal-type dress. It was a size 10 and Kayla wears an 8 in dresses. I kept looking at it thinking how much my girl would love that dress. She loves to dress up. She loves wearing dresses. She loves dresses that are long and that she can twirl in. Even if it was a little too big on her I knew she would grow in to it.

Since it was on the rack with the regular pants/shirts I asked the cashier if it was the same price as those items and she said it was considered formal wear and was $9.99. That price was still a steal for that dress, but I hesitated and said I wasn't going to get it. I wasn't out shopping for a dress-up dress and Kayla didn't need the dress.

Yet as the cashier was ringing up the black leggings I kept looking at that dress and thinking how much Kayla would love it, and how happy she would be if I brought that home. So I told the cashier to go ahead and ring it up after all. When she did it actually showed $3.99. That  made me very happy.

$4 for a dress that would bring much happiness to my daughter. I guess I was supposed to get it after all!

Kayla was so excited to pull that dress out of the bag, "This dress for me?!" She immediately tried it on and it fits her almost perfectly. This is one impulse purchase I'm glad I made and I know she will get a lot of wear out of it!

It fits her perfectly and looks beautiful on her. 

This is her mad look. Her crossed arms and pouting look because she didn't want to take any more pictures. She wanted to get to dancing and twirling in her dress.

I pleaded a little more. She was trying to resist smiling at me.

She finally relented and gave me a smile. Then I left her alone to dance and twirl :)

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Amy said...

Oh, I love that girl of yours!

my family said...

kayla love that pretty dress, you are so beautiful :) enjoy it

Cindy said...

Beautiful dress! She's so tall! She's growing up too fast!