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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Game of Chess

During some part of last year Lucas discovered the game Chess Titans that is pre-loaded in the 'games' on computers.

I don't know a thing about chess so I couldn't help him when he asked me how to play, but the game does highlight the spaces you're allowed to move when you click on each piece. Now strategizing your moves is another thing!

Lucas seemed interested in chess as he played this game off and on for awhile and then eventually I think he forgot about it.

My mom got him a chess set for Christmas and his interest has been renewed. Joe found some website that is another interactive chess game (although I think he forgot all about Chess Titans that is already on the computer).

Now I've got a 4 yr old who enjoys chess. Which is a good thing. Except when he wants me to play with him. Chess is not my thing.

In a matter of days he knew all the ways each piece could move.

One day he asked me to play and when I told him I didn't know how he rattled off how each piece can move. "This is how you play. The Pawns can move forward two times and then one time after that. And only diagonally to attack. The Rook can move forward or backward and left and right. The Bishop can only move diagonally.  The Knight can move in an L shape - forward two spaces and over one space, or forward one space and over two spaces. The Queen can move up or down, or left or right, or diagonally. The King can move up or down or left or right or diagonally, but only one at a time. Now do you want to play?"

My response was that I still didn't know how to play. He came back with, "I just told you! How can you not remember? There are only 6 pieces!" Admittedly I was only half-listening when he was telling me about each piece. (And I totally had to just ask Lucas to explain to me where each piece can move so I could write this blog post. Because I didn't learn it the first time he told me.)

But this is something he does with Joe. Joe knows how to play, and they've been playing together. Joe's been teaching him about strategy. He just asks me to play when Joe isn't around.

The other night it sounded like the student was becoming the teacher as I heard:

Joe, "Checkmate."
Lucas, "That's not checkmate."
Joe, "Oh. You're right. It's not."
(A few minutes later)
Joe, "Checkmate."
Lucas, "How is that checkmate?"
Joe, "Oh shoot. It isn't."

 After the game, (which Joe still won - although Lucas has beaten him once) Lucas says to me, "Mommy! I made Daddy think hard!" 

And he just makes my head hurt with all of his chess talk!

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Kerri said...

I love, love, love his comment to you: "I just told you! How can you not remember?" I say that to Allie every morning when I have to remind her AGAIN to brush her hair and teeth :)Sad, when they use our own words against us and they are not even teenagers yet!

Anonymous said...

sorry you cannnot play chess,at this time, with Lucas but, maybe,just maybe,you will learn (after much instruction from Lucas)how to play. :) I am so happy that Lucas is enjoying playing chess and Joe and Lucas can enjoy playing and learning together. Love it that Lucas stated ,"dad had to really think hard during one chess game. Plus , I agree with Kerri about the comment Lucas said to you.:) and how our comments come back right at you. :)

Anonymous said...

the last comment was from mom/grandma :)

LJ said...

Oh I am so happy for Lucas!! This so good for him. You could check into some chess clubs for him, check your local library perhaps.
I learned chess in grade 10 and played during lunch hours. After a few months it actually helped improve my grade scores!! Imagine that!!
Unfortunately I didn't keep up with it and kinda don't remember how to play anymore. But as they say today: There's an app for that!
Have a great weekend!