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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Animated Photo Cards

A great idea for Valentine's Day - sending personalized animated or 3D photo cards from Snapily.com for only 99 cents - including shipping!

The cards retail from Snapily.com for $3.99 + $2.30 for shipping; so 99 cents (including shipping!) is a great deal.

The personalized animated cards allow you to view 2 photos in the space of a single photo. A simple flick of your wrist reveals one image after the other. The personalized 3D photo cards frames a single photo in a design revealing depth... no glasses required.

I really like the look and uniqueness of the animated cards - I sent Joe one of these cards when he was deployed a couple of years ago and it was a nice surprise for him. We also have a few of the 3D ornaments. 

99 Cent Valentine, personalized in 3D or Animation from Snapily.com

The code VAL99 will actually work on ANY of the cards, not just Valentine's Cards. The code is valid through midnight (MST) Jan 28th. 

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