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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Polar Bear Plunge

For the second year we spent our New Year's Day at Sullivan's Island volunteering to help out with the annual Polar Bear Plunge.

Kayla and Lucas had a fun time last year walking around with the buckets asking people for donations; and really, who can resist two cute kids asking for donations?

We didn't get in the water, but we still had fun helping out at this event raising money for the SC Special Olympics!







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Anonymous said...

what a fun event. loved the first picture of Kayla and Lucas!!! also, the 2nd picture has Kayla's eyes just popping THE BIG BLUEBERRY EYES !!!! and also the pic of Lucas, just so handsome!! Glad you were able to attend again this year.. love mom/grandma... :)

The Sumulong 3 said...

What fun! We have been doing our Polar Bear Plunge here in MN for the last two years also. My hubby is the one that actually jumps in, but someday when Owen is a little older, I'd love for us all to volunteer.

Melanie D. said...

Great pictures!