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Monday, June 04, 2012

The Sun, Revisited

Last year, when Kayla was in 1st grade, she came home excited to tell us about the sun and the earth. She shared that 'the earth moves, the sun doesn't move.' It was one of the few things she's told us about that she learned at school ... and Lucas was a willing student to her lesson on the sun and the earth.

(Side note: Looking back on that video I can't believe how young Lucas looks and how different his voice was! He's changed so much in a year.)

This was a lesson that Lucas has not forgotten.

We were at home the other day when it became noticeably darker in the house. So much so that Lucas commented, "Wow! It just got dark!"

I told him, "That's because the sun just went behind the clouds."

He said, "No it didn't! The sun doesn't move!"

After I composed myself I told him, "Ok, the clouds moved in front of the sun." 

He then grilled me, "Why did you say the sun went behind the clouds? Were you trying to trick me? Because I know!"

Me, "You know what?"

Him, "The sun doesn't move!"

Yes, I realize how ingrained you have that in your brain now ... thanks Kayla, and thanks Mrs C for making that lesson so fun for both my kids!

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Krista said...

Don't kids just say the darnedest things!

Anonymous said...

IMPRESSIVE!!!!! he has a mind like a trap door!! such a cute little voice!! Love grayma

ckbrylliant said...

Awesome!!! Kayla the great teacher!