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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Sun and the Earth

Kayla's been learning about the day and night sky in science. Her teacher sent me an email asking if I had any gluten-free oreo-type cookies because she was going to be using those in a lesson to represent different phases of the moon. The class also took a 'trip' to the moon and viewed some footage from NASA.

Last week Kayla came home from school with a space mobile. Hanging from strings attached to a paper plate were the sun, earth, star, and moon. On top of the plate it said 'The sun comes out in the day time" so I asked Kayla, "When do we see the sun?" She answered, "In the sky." I was about to rephrase my question, but before I could do that she continued with, "It don't move." Me, "What doesn't move?" Kayla, "The sun don't move."

I was actually surprised by her volunteering that information on her own. Wondering what else she might tell me I asked, "What moves?" Without hesitation she answered, "The earth."

I should be ashamed to admit how surprised, excited, thrilled, and stunned I was; it shouldn't be too hard to remember the earth moves around the sun right? But I was. I was surprised, excited, thrilled, and stunned. I exclaimed to her that she was right and cheered and did all of that stuff you do when celebrating some big thing your child just did.

Because this was a big thing. Out of her whole school day, and everything that was taught that day in all the subjects, she had to pick that bit of information out. She had to retain that information. She had to relay that to me. She understood. She got it. It wasn't a guess, it wasn't multiple choice.

She's learning. That also shouldn't come as a surprise to me. Of course she's learning. I know she can learn. Hello! But she just doesn't always show or tell us what she's learned. Its not every day that we see what she's learning in school. She just doesn't tell us a whole lot about her school day. And this wasn't something I knew she already knew so I wasn't asking leading questions. She told me what she learned.

And I loved it.

This video is from a few days later when we were still talking about it (and Lucas had to have his turn showing what he learned too!)

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, I completely "get" the astonishment, but I do that with Gabe too. He doesn't reveal much (without prompting) so it's hard for me not to question if he is getting concepts. It's almost like he has to prove himself (probably more so than if I had a typical child?). BUT, like you, I'm aware of my expectations and my reactions, too.

I love that Kayla is doing SO well. I think having Lucas has been a very positive thing for her. I love to see him get into the whole play too.

Both your kids are smart cookies!♥♥

Kaetlyn said...

Very, Very cool. I loved the video. She is a little smarty pants!

Anonymous said...

HOW EXCITING!!! I CAN JUST SEE YOUR REACTION OF HAPPINESS AND PURE PLEASURE WHEN KAYLA DID GET THE CONCEPT!!!! SHE RELATED TO YOU WITHOUT PROMPT!! way to go kayla.. and let us not forget that Lucas learned that same concept from Kayla.. WAY TO GO LUCAS.. Smiles, smiles, and way more smiles... love mom/grandma

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Thank you for sharing this. Your children are adorable. God bless you my friend.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

If you get a chance please stop by Grace and read the post. Humble Faith of a Child or Angel ... You
Decide. God blesses us in so many ways.

ABandCsMom said...

How COOL! Good job Kayla! Lucas too!!

Stuff could be worse said...

Wow that is something to be proud of. She is very sure of the earth moving. You should be a proud Mom!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

Hi...I don't know how I haven't been to your blog before and why I'm not following (I am now!)...my fourth child was born with DS and I've read back over your posts and look forward to reading more! I love to "watch" kids older than my Brooke and see what the future may have in store...Kayla is beautiful and one smart cookie!

Astra Kruger said...

Love it!