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Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh or Zero

I don't know at what point I noticed this, but there was a time when I would say the word "oh" to refer to the number 0 in a phone number (three-oh-one) or any set of numbers really (five-oh-five) and it started bugging me. Because it is a number, not a letter. I made an effort to stop doing it. (or, became anal about it!) So I made sure I was saying three-zero-one etc.

But telling time is a different story. We say 'oh' for the :04 even though the 'oh' is standing for a number. Is it correct in that instance because we say o'clock and that transfers to 'eight-oh-four'? I have no idea.

Anyway, it seems like Lucas is taking after me in that little idiosyncrasy though.

I told him it was time to leave because it was "nine-oh-four."

His response was, "No it's not! It's nine-zero-four. It's a number, not a letter." And for added emphasis, in case I didn't get it, "abcdefghijklmno (pause) see? It's a letter."

Glad I've got him to keep it real!

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Kristi said...

LOL...i do the EXACT same thing and have been really trying to force myself to say zero too instead of oh but havent thought about saying it when telling time...four oh four sounds right...four zero four just doesnt sound right to me...lol!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! That kid kills me! =) so cute. Love ya!

Cindy said...

I'm with you. It should be 555-two-zero-one-one. But I hadn't even considered that when telling time on a clock. I say, 'It's 7:04.' Oh. Not zero.

Great, now I'm gonna be thinking about this all day tomorrow!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh Michelle :} LucaS is just something else. :} love mom

Amy L said...

When Jimmy was around 4 years old, whenever he saw a STOP sign he would say, "S-T-Zero-P" :)

Bailey's Leaf said...

My cell phone has zero in all three sections of numbers. (Okay, area code and in the split numeric sections.) It is --zero --zero -zero--. I'm a zero girl. I get you with time, though. A way to get around that with Lucas? Tell him to say that instead of nine o' four, it would be 4 past nine. It may make things more confusing. Who knows.

The goofy things we think about! ;)