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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kayla Makes Another TV Appearance

Kayla had the opportunity to be on the local ABC Affiliate for a segment on their Lowcountry Live! show. She was with Mr. Steve Hatton, a founder of the Summerville Miracle League. They were talking about SML and the upcoming annual fundraiser. I thought Kayla would be more talkative, but she seemed to become shy and  clammed up. Or she realized this wasn't a time or place for being loud and playing around :)

Here is their segment of the show.

For locals - the annual fundraiser is the Southern Flame Food and Music Festival. It is Sat, Apr 21st and Eddie Bush will be performing.

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Leah said...

What a little celebrity!

Anonymous said...

Kayla did great!!!! love the boots!! I know Aunt Kelly had a big smile on her face when she saw Kayla wearing the boots she bought her. love mom/memaw. she looked so pretty.

Bonita said...

I think Kayla was destined to be in front of a camera since the day she was born! :)

Bonita said...

P.S. Can I have an autographed picture before she gets any more famous?