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Monday, January 30, 2012


At only 3 (ok very close to being 4) years old Lucas seems to be quite the schemer already.

When he's watching TV he pretty much owns the loveseat. The whole thing. It's all his because he lies down on it with a throw pillow and blanket. He has claimed is spot ... all snuggled in and comfy. Most of the time he likes watching TV with his little whale.

The other day he had assumed the position on the loveseat and realized he didn't have his whale. He asked Kayla if she would go upstairs and get his whale for him. She said no. He asked again. She said no again. He pleaded in that sing-song way kids have of saying "pleeeeassseeee." She relented. As she often does because she's just an awesome big sister that way.

As she ran up the stairs Lucas said to me, "See mom? I was team-working!"

I told him that wasn't teamwork, it was him being lazy and not wanting to go upstairs so he asked Kayla to do it for him. He said, "Yeah, that's teamwork!"

Then today they were "organizing" (ie cleaning up) the playroom. I heard him say to Kayla, "Can you clean up cause my neck hurts?"

She said, "Ok." He responded, "Ok I need to get a drink of water."

Little stinker. He did come downstairs to get a drink of water and then went right back upstairs to help her finish up.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! <3 Too smart for his own good!

Anonymous said...

funny!!!!!!! :} but, the 2nd time he did go back upstairs and helped clean up the playroom. did you say something to him? :} Lucas is just to darn cute. love mom

Becca said...

He's so funny!!! LOVE Lucas stories... :-)

Deryck said...

These younger ones soon learn deviousness :) I love idea of it being teamwork.