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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cypress Gardens

We've had some beautiful weather here lately so we've been able to get out and about on the weekends. This past weekend we went to Cypress Gardens. Since it is technically 'winter' (I use that term lightly when talking about winter in SC) there wasn't much that was green or in bloom. I can imagine how beautiful it must look in the spring. It was still a beautiful day to explore and take a self-guided swamp boat adventure. Although I was pretty leery to do this considering the alligators!


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Cyndi J said...

Don't you just love winter in SC ?
We were in Charleston for 5 years of hubbys 20 in Navy, now in the upstate. Been here in York since 1987.

Kayla and Lucas are so beautiful.

To Love Endlessly said...

Beautiful pictures, my personal favorites are the ones where the kids are in the alligators mouth. so funny!!

Anonymous said...

wow what fun!! yea the alligators would have been a great concern or the kids falling out of the boat!! doesn't look like the boat had sides!!! I also love the pic of the kids in the alligators mouth!! love memaw

nichole said...

Such great photos!