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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pamela's Products

One of the better brands I've found on this gluten-free journey is Pamela's Products. The first thing we tried was the Baking and Pancake Mix. This made for some yummy gluten-free pancakes (and there are plenty of other recipes on the site for this mix as well.)

Another of their yummy doesn't-taste-like-gluten-free products is the Chocolate Brownie Mix. What's even better is this can be ordered in a single-serving pack. It's microwaveable and done in about a minute. This is great for a quick and easy brownie mix for on the go. All you need is a little bit of oil and water and a microwaveable bowl or cup. I love these! I took a single-serving pouch when we went to Chicago. During the awards banquet dinner I handed our server this little bag of brownie mix and asked if he could ask the chef, or whoever in the kitchen, to make this up for Kayla (it only takes about 60 seconds) so she could have her dessert with the rest of us (which wasn't gluten-free.) It worked out wonderfully!

I ordered a box from Amazon which is a few dollars cheaper when signing up for the Subscribe & Save (which can always be cancelled at any time).

These little pouches come in handy when Kayla is invited to a birthday party. I can just make up a mix before we leave the house to take with us ... so much easier than having to make up a whole cake, or tin of muffins, for one birthday party. Then what am I supposed to do with the rest of the cake/muffins? I usually freeze them, but that only lasts so long; they just don't taste as good once they've been frozen.

The pouches say they are single-serve, but they actually make up a pretty good size brownie. I cut it in half for Kayla and get two servings out of it.

I just found out the Baking & Pancake Mix also comes in the single serve pouch as well. Looks like I need to stock up on those too! Definitely makes traveling easier!

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ckbrylliant said...

I will check this out. BTW my 'box' of Crunchmaster crackers came yesterday! It was more like a trunk!!! 12 bags four each of three varieties!!! We opened the roasted vegetable flavor first and it is very good. Roasted vegetable, white cheddar, and sea salt. Thanks Again!!

Mom24 said...

Thanks Michelle! I'm always looking for tips for the family I cook GF for.